As a spiritual coach I align you energetically to your next level of money, love, life and business

This is for the woman who knowS its HIGH time to be heR time

Exclusive VIP Overnight Stay & Spa

Imagine switching off your phone, taking in spa treatments, a 3-course meal then waking up in luxurious surroundings, having everything thought of for the whole day, all you have to do is be present for your-self, your- transformation, your-up-leveling.

There is something so special about retreating from the the daily grind & the outside world, being cocooned in 5-star luxury; no rush; no one to think about but yourself; just the allowance of being present in the here and now, whilst connecting with yourself for your higher good.

A lazy breakfast (perhaps-even in bed) before I join you with my bag of glitter, spells, fun and laughter. We will release all that does not serve you, so you can step fully into the light and shine in all your glory.

HOW WOULD IT BE TO feel confident every moment of every daY WITH EVERY ACTION YOU TAKE?

Slowing down to speed up increases your natural success ~ in all areas of life

We are no longer living in the masculine paradigm of of force and hustle, we have shifted into our essence of joy, love, beauty; free in our soft feminine grace.

Set in the Cotswolds at a luxury Spa Hotel you will receive a unique experience, leaving with certainty of what’s important and an action plan on the next steps for your journey.

  • Connect with your higher self and learn how to listen to the whispered messages
  • Reconnect with your why in a big way
  • Set wild goals
  • Kick limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and any other fears to the curb
  • Step fully into your aligned truth
  • Charge with Confidence

The world needs women to step up in a big way. Here are some of the experiences my clients have received by surrendering to divine beauty within

"I spent an hour with Emma each week working through many different issues around money. It wasn't just about money, in fact, what I became aware of was how much is wrapped up around other long held beliefs which then affected my money mindset. She skilfully and patiently unraveled what was going on behind my words and delivered practical exercises for me to do at home to shift my beliefs. In the end, it was simple, yet highly effective observations that Emma made that helped me to move on. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to explore their attitude to money, abundance, lack, fear and dreams which seem unreachable but in fact aren't!"

Julie - UK

Exclusive VIP Intensive includes:

 Intention setting call prior to meeting

 Overnight Stay

 Breakfast & Evening Meal

 Spa treatment

 Lunch & all refreshments

 Coaching, Healing, Mentoring 10am-4pm

 Goody Bag

 2 x 30-minute private follow-up calls (within 6 weeks of day)

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to work on your mindset, values & beliefs, your worth (especially around money)
  • You are willing to lean into the resistance, then surrender and release it enabling your gorgeousness and goodness to be opened out and shining bright
  • You are excited to move beyond your comfort zone, stand in your vibrant power
  • You are aware & open to the faith of something bigger than you - whatever that looks like for you


Leave our high-vibe day with a lightness in your head, love in your heart and a clear direction on how to step forward, totally present in the life you truly desire – and receive it, for it is truly seeking you!

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer

-William S. Burroughs

What a ride

"Hi Emma, Thank you. I am so grateful to have been working with you on my financial situation. Before I started with you, I felt overwhelmed by my lack of financial stability, I was questioning if my business would get off the ground or even if I was in the right area and felt quite negative about my own abundance. I was doing all the affirmations, visualisations, positive thinking and still no change.

What a ride. In a short space of time, doing all the homework that was set (you didn’t set too much), I am now feeling abundant and expansive and my business is moving forward and doors have, and continue to open, that I did not see before. I have taken control of my financial situation including the debt that I felt was so unbelievably huge, that I kept my head in the sand thinking “one day I will get to that, I hope.”

I am now moving forward. I am not out of the woods yet but I know, deep down in my gut, that I will be soon and that is an amazing place to be. I have confidence, I am standing taller and I have more presence, thanks to your work and all in the space of 6 weeks. Wow. Again, thank you and I am looking forward to continuing this work with you."

Vicki Cook - Inspired Change

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