Make March Magic

We are starting with a very blustery, snowy day, my youngest is off school due to no hot water!


Last night we were talking about what we would like to be doing in 3 years’ time; which got me thinking on how to make those long-term goals more in the present

of today.

Really drilling down what you truly desire is key to how you live every single day, by visualising your dreams everyday it sends out a request to the Universe and the steps you need to take will be shown. You will create flow with grace and ease.

Do you have an action plan? Thinking of the goal and set smaller steps to get there, I like to visualise a mountain with camps reached along the way.

So, as it the 1st of the month today here are a few practical tips to make intended steps towards your summit:

1.  Call it In

Get into the practice of writing in a journal daily, the best time is at the start of your day. Here is the visualisation at the top of the mountain, what will you see, hear, feel, touch? Now think of your base camps, what do you wish to achieve today? Think of that end result and take a step towards it. Researchers say that by writing down our intentions, we rewire the brain and the end goal is 42% more likely to be achieved.

2. Check it In

Keep checking in throughout the day, are you committing to the end goal with each step you take. Remember small daily steps create consistency and by the end of this month you will be so much further along your path.

3. Breathe it In 

Every time you get into your head too much stop and breathe. 

Its such a powerful way of moving back into the body and being present with your day. Close your eyes, breathe deep into your belly and exhale slowly out. Take
60 seconds to connect with yourself in this breath work then remind yourself of your daily plan.

4. Slow it Down

Take at least 5-10 minutes each day just for you, life is for enjoying and running around as Mums we forget we are person that holds it all together for everyone around us. These few precious moments could be sitting on the sofa gazing out the window with a cup of tea or they could be sitting in a garden or perhaps a quick yoga nidra relaxation; whatever is your choice turn the phone to aeroplane mode. After you will feel energised and ready to connect with your children before they return home.

Keep returning to what truly lights you up and what you enjoy, self-care is important whatever that looks life for you. By using the tips above each day you will
connect more with yourself, begin living on purpose and learn what you truly value.

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