Fear or Faith: You decide

One of the Best Practices I love teaching clients in our calls is how to navigate rocky, unexpected situations with grace.

Because while we can't control external events, we are at choice in how we experience those challenges.

And while it isn't always easy for me to share publicly what happens for me privately, it does create beautiful conversation about how to show up as powerfully vulnerable.

These conversations have inspired me to share what happened, with you, too…

Back in 2012, the children’s father took our two daughters away for a holiday in the UK, it was supposed to be a month-long trip. However, on the 10th September I
had an email from him saying that he would not be returning the children and he had put them in school!

So instead of unpacking boxes after shifting into a new property and setting the house for their return I spent days gathering paperwork, printing photographs of our life in India, speaking with Lawyers, organising accommodation, flights, transportation and a massage (self-care is all so important)

I asked the Universe what I needed to do and the answers came, step-by-step I made a plan and surrendered to the plan.

Every problem that was thrown at me kept presenting me with a choice: go with fear or go with faith.

I chose faith and with many breaths of relief, it felt like miracle after miracle kept unfolding to support me…

I meditated, ate a vegan plant based diet, stretched my body and slept little, asking each time ‘what do I need to know’.

Although, in the end I was at the mercy of the Judge in Court that day, I had faith he would ‘order’ the children back to me.

The picture above is of me and my children back together!

I remember as I got on the plan to travel the 5000 miles back to the UK, not knowing what was going to happen but visualising the girls would be returning with
me, I always had choice, on how I thought about myself and the thoughts I chose to listen to.

And it's why I take a powerful stand for women choosing to be powerful no matter what, stepping fully into recognising their value and owning their worth to create the business of their dreams.

Plus, it's what's given me a wealth of confidence.

But the gift that being a mama in business -- freedom, choice and feeling that you are living your potential on purpose-- is truly priceless.

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