Breaking the Money Story Cycle

The heart of a Mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which

you will always find forgiveness

Honore Del Balzac

We all know that forgiveness sets us free but sometimes it can take years for this to happen. Only when you are ready will you truly be set free, this is not fake it til you make it strategy as you, God (whatever that looks like for you), Universe, Spirit will know the ultimate truth.

I needed to forgive many people but one in particular that held me back from moving forwards energetically and emotionally. As a single Mum, or actually, I am sure most Mums will resonate; I needed to forgive myself for my choices, my actions, my beliefs, my guilt.

The area of money always brings up 'stories', whether we acknowledge them or not, our sub-conscious will have them stored deep, way back when, generally before we are 6, all the root chakra stuff around security. Being a Mother I really want to break the cycle of my childhood beliefs, so my children can be empowered in making the right choices with financial choices and know they are the best for them. Stories that I grew up with was that it wasn't talked about, it was rude to brag, it doesn’t grow on
trees, doesn’t bring happiness, money is the root of all evil ____________ (fill in the blank for yourself)

Recently, beliefs surfacing around power achieves wealth and wealth is power; if think of the church – it doesn’t matter which religion they are based on donations from the congregation – religion is powerful, it controls the community, lets face it, controls wars, the single biggest reason of conflict in the world.

So, whilst reading this - what are your thoughts, beliefs or stories rising up to be healed, to be forgiven?

Did you hear or feel conflict about money whilst growing up?

Did people speak about money?

Do you feel guilty or shameful about money and/or debt?

Are you ready to create a new family money legacy for yourself and for the people who are important to you?

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